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Treasure Hand Charm


This grasping hand charm is holding a garnet mudlarked from the Thames River. Its part of a body of work that centres on these amazing garnets that were shipping over from India possibly by the East India shipping company.

Its quite a chunky pendant- about 15mm long. The garnets vary in size as they are uncut raw stones. It is available in bronze plated in 22 carat yellow gold or in silver.

About the Mudlarked Thames Garnets:
These beautiful, natural form garnets have been brought over from India hundreds of years ago and dropped into the Thames River. They are quite scare and incredibly hard to find. I go mudlarking myself to collect them at low tide. There are lots of different theories about these garnets and why they ended up in the river. Its so fun to have this little bit of London history available through my work.
If you want a different colour stone contact me as occasionally I find quartz and and aquamarine on the river bed.